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We are the Animal Rescue Family; a small group of caring individuals who have the best interest of animals in our hearts. Organized in 1997, the Animal Rescue Family is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, finding homes for lost, abused, and unwanted pets, promoting the humane treatment of animals through education, and advocating pet population control.

We have worked very hard to get our shelter up and running. It's a work in progress, but we are very excited to be able to help companion animals in our area.

We are always looking for volunteers and take volunteers in whatever capacity they are willing to give. If you're just interested in baking for one of our bake sales or if you're interested in hand on animal care, fostering, etc, we will welcome whatever it is you'd like

Behind the Scenes

Feeding a new born kitten

Behind the scenes ARF members are helping animals one at a time; sometimes more than one at a time! Many, many animals have come through our volunteer's hands/homes/hearts and it would be impossible to try to count. There is a LOT going on in Algona and Kossuth County where animals need and receive our help. Sometimes it's getting vaccinations spay/neuter arranged, sometimes it's watching over sick animals, or feeding newborn kittens, getting animals re-homed, transporting them to other shelters, and the list goes on.

Our History

The history of the ARF group begin we believe in 2004 the group who worked together got the dog park up and running at Veteran's Park in Algona. They also cleaned up and improved the city pound and worked to get an animal control contact person. They frequently had spay and nueter clinics.

In 2009 there was a shift in members. The Homeward Bound group combined with Kossuth Animal Rescue between 2009-2010. This created a special savings project for a shelter and another project for operations (spay/neuter/vet care, insurance, other expenses).

Animal rescue can be extremely stressful and can become overwhelming. This comes from a lack of support and resources. Often volunteers are inundated with animals who need care. Other people don't necessarily understand the strong desire to help however you can. Sometimes at extreme personal sacrifice. This is why rescues sometimes have large turnover. We hope to keep this group successful by dividing work evenly, working with our partners.

We encourage you to contact your city and county leaders and ask them to work with ARF to build a shelter.
Lynn Kueck, Mayor of Algona lynn.kueck@ci.algona.ia.us
Doug Miller, Kossuth County Engineer engineer@co.kossuth.ia.us

+1 515 395 1527

P.O. Box 194,
Algona, IA    50511