Jennifer Aultman, President of ARF


I'm Jen and have been with ARF since 2012 when I became treasurer. In 2015 I was elected president. I have several pets, and am usually fostering an animal or two. All are rescues. I have always loved animals for as long as I can remember. I work for an insurance company here in Algona and also am a certified pharmacy technician.

When I'm not working I love to be outdoors, spend time with my pets and any critters that may be visiting our home (temporarily). I love photography, crafting and working on my home. ARF has come a long way in even the last year. We do a lot of work with animals in the community; especially cats.

We have bottle fed newborn kittens and have driven numerous animals here or there to other shelters willing to help us. We use some of our fundraising money to work with other shelters. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this group of volunteers I am so fortunate to work with. We are small but a mighty group!

We welcome anyone who would like to help animals, whether it's to transport an animal here or there, work or help set up/tear down from an event, bake for a bake sale, IT ALL MATTERS! Thank each of you for supporting us, saying a prayer for an animal in need and helping any animal when you can.

Erin, secretary of ARF


I'm Erin, and I have been a part of ARF since 2011. I started out as a volunteer and gradually started doing the marketing for the events, and now I am the Secretary. I have been married since 2006, and my husband and I have a son. My husband is also a volunteer with ARF, and we hope to pass our passion onto our son. I have two rescue cats named Jasper and Ubbe. I also work for an insurance company in Algona, you might see a trend there with the other bios. My hobbies include drinking wine, traveling, and food - both eating and creating.

In the years I have been with the group, I have watched our fundraising efforts pay off as we have finally been able to open our shelter. I have also witnessed the power of social media as it brings awareness to our cause and can reunite owners and lost pets. We do the best we can with what tools we have available to us.

+1 515 395 1527

P.O. Box 194,
Algona, IA    50511