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Fostering Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering with Animal Rescue Family.

If all members of the household are on board, fill out the application below.

In addition to the application we will request two personal references; people that can attest to the ability past and present and desire to care for animals. These can be from places you may have previously fostered, a veterinarian, family or friends.

  • The application will be reviewed by shelter staff.
  • References will be checked.
  • Staff will refer to members of the community to get information about the applicant as needed.
  • A staff member will pay a home visit.

After the home visit has been conducted and application approved, you will be eligible to take a cat or dog depending on your wishes and the shelter's needs.

You and Animal Rescue Family will communicate regularly (once a month MINIMUM) and as often as necessary to communicate animal progress, needs, concerns.

Should the animal need medical care he/she will be taken to the veterinarian of the Animal Rescue Family’s choice, and a staff member will call to make the appointment or request medication, services, etc.

Foster parents are responsible for food, water, enrichment, toys, socialization, and any other physical and emotional needs of the animal. Animal Rescue Family agrees to pay medical costs for those animals, and are considered under the care of the Animal Rescue Family, with the foster parent as temporary guardian.

At least annually shelter staff will review the foster family’s application, make note of any changes to living conditions (animal and family member changes) or changes in the living conditions of the home (if equipment, fencing, etc have been added/removed). This will take place during a discussion with the foster family. At that time a re-inspection of the home will take place.

**Animal Rescue Family reserves the right to remove any animal in any foster home at any time due to the nature of responsibility of the group to maintain their care and wellbeing. No notice must be given to the foster family and agree to surrender any or all animals in their care immediately.